Jordi Amat Puji Baggott-Ridho in Indonesia vs Burundi

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Jordi Amat praised the performance of his two colleagues at the back, Elkan Baggott and Rizky Ridho, in the first friendly match of the Indonesian national team vs Burundi on FIFA Matchday, Saturday (25/3).

Indonesia managed to beat Burundi 3-1 at the Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi. The winning goals for the Red and White team were scored by Yakob Sayuri, Dendy Sulistyawan and Rizky Ridho.

Many people consider Jordi Amat worthy of being named man of the match because of his classy appearance. Calm and able to maintain the solidity of Garuda’s back line. However, Jordi instead humbled himself and praised his teammate’s appearance.



“We played a good game in the first leg, where we focused on a good defense. But Burundi also put in some good attacks on our defensive end,” Jordi said as quoted by Antara, Monday (27/3).

“So we have to be even more vigilant. Apart from that, Elkan (Baggott) and (Rizky) Ridho also did a lot of covers for me,” continued the Djohor Darul Takzim player.

Indonesian coach Shin Tae Yong fielded the trio of Jordi-Elkan-Ridho since the first minute against Burundi. All three were also not replaced until the game was over.

“Yesterday’s game was the first time we played together, but I think we played an interesting match and defended well,” said the former Swansea City player.

As a defender, Jordi certainly hopes that his team doesn’t concede at all. However, he stressed that this could only be realized thanks to the hard work of all the players.

“Of course as a defensive player, of course we hope not to enter. But in the end this is the hard work of all the players.”

“I know that all of my colleagues tried hard in yesterday’s game. Tomorrow we have to do it again, run as hard as we can to maximize all opportunities,” said Jordi.

Indonesia will again face Burundi at the same location on Tuesday (28/3). The second meeting will be a tougher test because Burundi will play a series of star players who have been deliberately kept.

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