Imsakiyah and Fajr Schedule Today Tuesday 28 March 2023

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

It doesn’t feel like the fasting month of Ramadan 1444 Hijriah/2023 AD has been almost a week on Tuesday (28/3) today. May we continue to be given the strength to reach the day of Eid al-Fitr victory.

For a Muslim, in order to carry out the afdal fast, not only must know the conditions and validity of fasting. But you also have to know the sunnahs of fasting as recommended by the Prophet.

Among the sunnahs, one of them is ending suhoor and first breaking the fast. Therefore, has summarized the imsak and subuh schedule in several cities and provinces on the sixth day of Ramadan fasting this year, so that you don’t miss it. Here is the list:



First, in the West Indonesia region, specifically in DKI Jakarta, the imsak on the fifth day of fasting arrives at 04.31 WIB and dawn at 04.41 WIB or still the same as the day before.

While in Bandung and its surroundings, the imsak falls at 04.28 WIB and at dawn 04.38 WIB. In the city of Serang, Banten, the death penalty is at 04.34 WIB and at dawn 04.44 WIB.

In Pekalongan City, Central Java, the imsak fell at 04.20 WIB and at 04.30 WIB. In DIY and its surroundings, the imsak falls at 04.17 WIB and at dawn 04.27 WIB.

Moving to Sumatra, to be precise in Kota Pariaman, West Sumatra, the imsak fell at 04.55 WIB and at dawn 05.05 WIB. In Banda Aceh City, Aceh, the imsak arrived at 05.15 WIB and at dawn 05.25 WIB.

Shifting to Central Kalimantan, to be precise in Palangkaraya City, the imsak arrived at 04.03 WIB and at dawn 04.13 WIB. In Singkawang City, West Kalimantan, the imsak is at 04.22 WIB and at dawn 04.32 WIB.

Second, the Central Indonesian region, precisely in Klungkung Regency, Bali, the death penalty arrived at 04.57 WITA and at dawn 05.07 WITA. In Makassar, South Sulawesi, the imsak arrived at 04.41 WITA and at dawn 05.51 WITA.

In Sabu Raijua Regency, NTT, the imsak fell at 04.31 WITA and at 04.41 WITA. In the city of Mataram, NTB, the death penalty is at 04.54 WITA and at dawn 05.04 WITA.

Finally, shifting to the eastern part of Indonesia, to be precise in Ternate City, North Maluku, the death penalty fell at 05.08 WIT and dawn 10 minutes later, namely 05.18 WIT.

In Marauke Regency, Papua, the imsak fell at 04.25 and at dawn 04.25 WIT. In Raja Amat Regency, West Papua, the death penalty is at 04.55 WIT and at dawn 05.05 WIT.


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