Half Day Fasting Rules for Children to Understand Worship

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Muslim parents certainly want to teach their children to fast so that they can get used to implementing this fourth pillar of Islam. However, fasting for a full day for children is certainly not easy, especially for those who are just starting to try it.

Half-day fasting can be one way to teach children to fast gradually. So, what are the half-day fasting rules for children? Check out the explanation summarized from the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) website.



Obligation of Fasting

Islam teaches Muslims to fast during Ramadan. This is in accordance with the fourth pillar of Islam after reading the creed, praying, and paying zakat.

The command to fast is also stated in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 183 as follows.

O you who have believed, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may become righteous.

O Ayyuhallazina amanû kutiba ‘alaikumus-siyamu kama kutiba ‘alallazina ming qablikum la’allakum tattaqûn.

Meaning: O you who believe, it is obligatory upon you to fast as it was obligatory upon those before you so that you may be righteous.

However, fasting is not obligatory for all Muslims. Because, there are several conditions for fasting as stated in the following Book of Mizanul Kubra by Abdul Wahab As-Sya’rani.

The four imams agreed that it is obligatory for every adult, sane, pure, resident Muslim who is able to fast to fast.

Meaning: Scholars of the four schools of thought agree on the obligation of fasting for Muslims who are mature, intelligent, pure, live or do not travel, and are able to fast.

Therefore, fasting is actually not obligatory for young children who have not reached puberty, crazy people, women who are menstruating, and parents who are unable to fast due to illness and old age.

Fasting Rules for Children

Especially for children who are not yet mature, Islam actually still recommends that Muslim parents provide this religious education.

The goal is that when children reach puberty they can fast to Allah SWT.

Therefore, Islam recommends that children fast, as explained by Abdul Wahab As-Sya’rani below.

And they agreed that the boy who cannot stand fasting and the insane who is completely insane are not addressed with it, but the boy is ordered to be seven and beaten for ten.

Meaning: Scholars agree that small children who are unable to fast and permanently insane people are not required to fast. But young children are asked to fast when they are seven years old and beaten if they don’t want to fast when they are ten years old.

To introduce fasting to children, parents can teach them to fast half a day or also known as beduk fasting, which is fasting before the dawn prayer until the time for the midday prayer call to prayer.

Here are the half-day fasting rules for children.

Fasting starts from a child aged seven years, less than that is okay as long as the child can afford it. Half-day fasting is no longer allowed for children aged 10 years because they are supposed to fast for a full day. Parents still provide an explanation that fasting should be a full day, that is before the Fajr prayer until the Maghrib prayer call to prayer.

Unlawful for Adults

Although it is permissible for children, fasting for half a day is illegal for adults.

The reason is, adults must perform this worship all day long, starting from sunrise to sunset or sunset.

This is as narrated by Al-Muhadzzab Imam As-Syairazi as follows.

And it is forbidden for the fasting person and the drink for his saying, glory and exaltation 🙂 Eat and drink until it is clear to you from the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one.

Meaning: It is forbidden to eat and drink for those who are fasting, because the word of Allah SWT: Eat and drink until it is clear to you (the difference) between the white thread and the black thread (at dawn), then complete the fast until nightfall.

This is an explanation of the half-day fasting rules for children. Hope it is useful.


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