Draw for the 2023 U-20 World Cup Canceled, a huge blow for PSSI

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The draw or draw for the group phase of the 2023 U-20 World Cup which was canceled by FIFA was seen as a heavy blow by Exco PSSI, Arya Sinulingga.

FIFA has decided to cancel the draw for the 2023 U-20 World Cup which was scheduled to take place in Bali, March 31. According to Arya, the postponement of the draw has been a major blow.

Arya said that so far PSSI did not know for sure how FIFA’s expression and impression would be regarding Indonesia’s situation as the host of the 2023 U-20 World Cup. However, one thing is certain, the cancellation of the draw on March 31 has been a serious blow to Indonesia as the organiser.



“When Pak Erick meets FIFA (later), he will know all the expressions (of FIFA regarding the current conditions). We will talk about it, we will tell what happened, the condition of our nation.”

“Hopefully there is a way out. What is certain for us as organizers is quite difficult. With the existing timeline (which was previously scheduled), it will be postponed,” said Arya on CNN Indonesia TV’s Political Show.

At the event, Arya again stated that FIFA had not yet issued an official letter regarding the cancellation of the 2023 U-20 World Cup draw.

Because there has been no official letter, as a result so far there has been no decision regarding the implementation of the next drawing plan after the cancellation of the event on March 31. The cancellation of the drawing procession also affected the subsequent preparation stages.

Apart from that, PSSI is currently trying to prevent the cancellation of the U-20 World Cup draw from spreading to a more serious situation, namely the removal of the status of the U-20 World Cup.

Because of that PSSI Chairman Erick Thohir will go to Zurich to meet with FIFA. This information was conveyed by Plt Menpora Muhadjir Effendy.

“I think Pak Erick will go to Zurich for further consultations with FIFA. This is not the highest level, yesterday only one of the PSSI representatives met,” said Muhadjir.

“At least FIFA understands Indonesia’s position in this context, so this is not a matter of being rejected or protested, but related to the constitution,” said Muhadjir.

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