Chairman of Commission II Reveals There Are Other Parties Wanting to Imitate Prima Sues Bawaslu

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Chairman of Commission II of the DPR, Ahmad Doli Kurnia, admitted that he received information about the desire of a number of political parties to sue the Bawaslu again so that they qualify to participate in the 2024 election.

According to him, these political parties want to emulate the Adil Makmur People’s Party (Prima), whose lawsuit has now been granted by the Bawaslu. However, their previous lawsuit was rejected.

“I heard other friends, not heard, someone called me, everyone will do the same thing. They feel why one can, we can’t,” said Doli, Monday (27/3).



This statement was conveyed by Doli in a meeting with the KPU, Bawaslu and DKPP to discuss the decision of the Central Jakarta District Court which ordered the postponement of the 2024 election stages.

On that occasion, Doli highlighted the Bawaslu’s decision which has now granted Prima’s lawsuit and declared the KPU guilty. He was surprised even though the Bawaslu had previously rejected the same lawsuit.

Moreover, the decision was issued after the Central Jakarta District Court granted Prima’s lawsuit and asked for the election stage to be postponed.

“So that’s why we want to ask, what is the reason. Something that was once rejected, is now being accepted. And I think if it was accepted before, it would not have been possible to go to the PN,” he said.

Doli admitted that Commission II of the DPR was like being struck by lightning when he heard the decision of the Central Jakarta District Court which ordered the 2024 election stage to be postponed. Then, now he actually heard that Bawaslu accepted Prima’s lawsuit.

“In the past, we heard the PN’s decision like thunder. We thought it was only one time, now there is another,” said the Golkar Party politician.

“Then we want to waste energy here and there? So maybe that’s what we will discuss later. What will the ending be like, we’ll see,” he added.


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