BNPB: Bogor Regency Becomes the Region with the Most Landslides in RI

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) noted that Bogor Regency, West Java, is the area with the most landslide events in Indonesia every year.

Acting Head of the BNPB Disaster Data, Information and Communication Center Abdul Muhari said that Bogor Regency also often dominates floods and extreme weather disasters.

“Our record is that actually for landslides, the highest in Indonesia is Bogor, followed by Cilacap and Banjarnegara. So, positions 2, 3, 4, 5 change every year, but the peak is Bogor Regency,” said Muhari in an online event. which was broadcast via BNPB Indonesia’s YouTube channel, Monday (27/3).



Muhari said the urbanization factor and land conversion which was carried out on a fairly massive scale were the main causes of landslides and floods that hit Bogor Regency.

Even so, said Muhari, the number of floods and landslides fluctuates every year.

For flood trends, for example, in 2018 there were 13 cases recorded. Then 18 cases of flooding in 2019, 34 cases of flooding in 2020, 46 cases of flooding in 2021, and 24 cases of flooding during 2022.

The trend of landslide cases has also decreased. In detail, in 2018 there were 33 cases, then increased to 52 cases in 2019, then 74 cases in 2020.

Furthermore, cases of landslides in Bogor Regency jumped to 163 cases in 2021, and decreased to 78 cases throughout 2022.

“But for example, if we look at the distribution of months, what are the most frequent floods in Bogor? We see that in March-April and September-November,” said Muhari.

Muhari further noted that there had been an increase in cases of natural disasters in the last week compared to early March 2023.

During the period March 20-26 2023, there were 25 floods, 12 extreme weather events and 10 landslides in 36 regencies/cities from 18 provinces.

From that disaster, four people were declared dead. Then six people were injured, 5,762 houses were submerged, 221 houses were damaged, one health facility was damaged, five bridges were damaged, a place of worship was damaged, and 36,058 people affected had to be evacuated.


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