Aldila’s Lawyer Says Indra Bekti Will Not Appear Until Divorce Decision

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Aldila Jelita’s lawyer, Teguh Putra, said that Indra Bekti would not be physically present during the divorce proceedings with Aldila Jelita.

Teguh said that Bekti’s lawyers said they would continue to represent their client at the South Jakarta Religious Court until the verdict was read.



“So Bekti has also been represented by his proxies. Earlier this was also conveyed because this trial is online, so you don’t have to wait for his party to attend,” said Teguh, Monday (27/3).

“Earlier, his attorney also conveyed it like that. So later until the decision also from Bekti will not be present,” he continued.

Teguh said that the results of the mediation between Aldila and Bekti were declared a failure. Because, both of them remained in the initial decision to separate.

After carrying out divorce mediation, said Teguh, Aldila and Bekti had to undergo a trial of evidence. The agenda is planned to be held on April 10.

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Aldila Jelita officially filed for divorce from Indra Bekti. This news was previously announced by Milano on Monday (27/2), but the lawsuit was only registered with the South Jakarta Religious Court on March 1.

“Case Number 877.PDGT.2023 filed by Aldila Jelita as the plaintiff filed for divorce against her husband, Bekti Indra Tomo,” said South Jakarta Religious Court Public Relations Officer, Taslimah.

Aldila said divorce was the best way for him and Bekti. However, Aldila admits that now and in the future he will continue to maintain good communication with Bekti.

“Mas Indra and I will talk about whatever happens, I will still pay attention. If it is still allowed, ‘you (Indra Bekti) will tell you which hospital you are finished from. If you want to go to which hospital, you can accompany me,” he said.

“Still, I want us to remain friends, friends. The point is that it’s better that way, communication is also more open,” he added.

He also intends to send compote and iftar together with Bekti in the near future. He said he had communicated with his manager to arrange the joint opening agenda.


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