Woman in Jambi suffers leg injuries after escaping from crocodile attack

Jambi, CNN Indonesia —

A woman named Nurung (61) was attacked by a crocodile in a river near her home, Muara Sabak, Tanjung Jabung Timur, Jambi, Sunday (16/3).

Nunung managed to escape from the clutches but with an injured leg.

“Luckily the victim survived from being pulled by the crocodile,” said Assa, head of the local RT.



Nunung was finishing cleaning the house and was about to take a bath in the graveyard behind her house.

Arriving there and taking water, suddenly a crocodile appeared and grabbed his leg. Not remaining silent, the middle-aged woman kicked the crocodile out of its clutches.

Even though she survived, Nurung suffered a wound on her right leg from bites and cuts.

“Bite marks and cuts. It looks like the injuries were obtained during the tug-of-war between the crocodile and the victim,” said Assa.

Kapolsek Sabak Iptu Chandra Adinata said that there was indeed a fight between the victim and a crocodile.

Spontaneously, Norung kicked the crocodile with his left foot once.

“Finally the crocodile immediately let go of its bite. After being released from the crocodile’s attack, the victim immediately went up to land and shouted for help to the local residents. Residents who heard the victim’s screams immediately came to help,” said Chandra.

(Gambas:Video CNN)

Nunung has received medical treatment from the wound caused by the crocodile attack. He had to get 76 stitches for the wound.

“The right leg has a torn wound and has received 76 stitches. Then, there is a scratch mark on the left leg,” said Chandra.


(Gambas:Video CNN)

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