The 5 Best Players of the Indonesian National Team When Hajar Burundi

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The Indonesian national team successfully won 3-1 over Burundi in a test match on the FIFA Matchday agenda at Patriot Stadium, Saturday (25/3). Here are the five best players when Indonesia beat Burundi.

The Indonesia vs Burundi match took place in light rain. This condition made the field, which was no longer ideal after the 2018 Asian Games, become one of the game’s obstacles.

Nevertheless, the Red and White squad fought hard to subvert Burundi. The results were satisfactory by scoring three goals during the first 45 minutes of half. Unfortunately, the Indonesian national team conceded once in the second half.



In general, Shin Tae Yong assessed that the Indonesian players worked hard in the first match of the FIFA Matchday 2023 period. Shin was sure that the performance of the players would increase.

The following are five players who appeared impressive in the match against Burundi.

1. Yakob Sayuri

Appearing again as a winger, not as a fullback, as he once played against Curacao, Yakob appears confident. The PSM Makassar player is energetic, sharp, disciplined and agile.

In this match Yakob contributed one goal by taking advantage of Stefano Lilipaly’s cross. His movement in empty space is beautiful and his header is cold.

As a winger or winger, Yakob is also contributive. The 25-year-old player is agile in moving along the right side, although his crosses are often not on target.

2. Marc Clock

This Persib Bandung player is the soul of the Indonesian national team’s midfield. But this time his role in the middle is not controlling the rhythm of the game. Klok cuts more of the opponent’s attacks.

Klok’s collaboration with Rachmat Irianto made Indonesia’s midfield solid. Klok is also good at giving breakthrough baits. Thanks to bait a number of opportunities created.

It’s just that Klok’s set-pieces are not precise. The 29-year-old player’s execution is not like last year, where the percentage of set-piece accuracy reached 80 percent.

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