Submissions for electric motorbike subsidies can be made via the Sisipira site

Jakarta — People who wish to receive an electric motorbike subsidy can apply via the Sispira website provided by the Ministry of Industry.

The site will later become a link between the company and the community.

Companies that manufacture electric motorbikes can register their products on the website, while the public can apply for subsidies for electric motorbikes.

Director General of the Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment and Electronics (ILMATE) Industry Taufiek Bawazier said the Sispira website could be used and was officially launched on Monday (20/3/2023) yesterday.


Electric motorbike at the Honda booth at the IMOS 2022 exhibition. (Photo: Carmudi/Nadya)

“This company has been able to register program participants for motorbikes. We provide a site called Sisipira (Information System for Assistance for the Purchase of Two-Wheeled Electric Vehicles),” said Taufiek Bawazier.

He said industry players have been able to register their products such as production data, models sold, and also the types offered to the public.

Manufacturers are also required to add frame numbers and domestic component level certificates (TKDN) to this official website.

After the data is complete, the Government will later verify it and the producers will receive information regarding data on incentive recipients.

“There the beneficiary is clear. From there, the dealer will immediately designate the National Identity Number (NIK) registered from there. Only then is he entitled to get the discount that has been set, “he continued.


The electric motorbikes on display at the IIMS 2023 are observed to be increasingly crowded and varied (Photo: Carmudi)

Even though the Sisipira website has been officially launched, based on our search on Tuesday (21/3/2023) it cannot be found and accessed.

He further said that until now there have been 8 electric motorbike companies whose products are claimed to be able to receive a subsidy of IDR 7 million when purchased by the public.

All of these companies have also met the requirements with a TKDN rate above 40%.

The number of two-wheeled Battery-Based Electric Motor Vehicle (KBLBB) companies that already have TKDN of 40% as of today (Monday 20/3/2023) there are 8 companies with 13 vehicle models.

Author: Rizen Panji
Editor: Dimas

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