Redefining the Joy of the Island of the Gods at Joyland Festival 2023

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The fame of the island of Bali for its beauty and wonder is beyond doubt. Tourists from Indonesia and across the country already understand all the glory offered by the entire content of Pulau Dewata.

Commercialization is the main thing that binds various exotic commodities on the Island of the Gods.

As a result, Bali’s joyful nature has become a little disturbed by non-value commercialization practices that arise from within and outside the island.



I don’t know how many times I’ve come across the word viral following various commercialized products, from geprek chicken to music performances.

Music performances have now also been transformed into important commodities to invite profit and sensation.

It would be very easy for any capital owner to merge the two sexiest essences, namely Bali and music performances as a means of making a profit.

The fusion of the two certainly provides a field full of fortune for content creators “without content”.

However, when made a three-day visit to the Joyland Festival Bali 2023, the prejudices disappeared.

Before getting into the contents, let’s review a little about how this Joyland came to be.

Since its presence in 2012, the presence of the Joyland Festival has become a vehicle for musical performances that should be anticipated. Its presence is anticipated not to fulfill the public’s wishes, but to provide space for performers and connoisseurs of art.

More than a decade, Joyland’s consistency is still being tested. In the last quarter of 2022, they presented a music festival in Senayan, South Jakarta, with headliners such as Cornelius to Thundercat.

A name that is quite foreign to many lay people. However, at that time, the event succeeded in awe and was crowned one of the best music festivals in Indonesia throughout 2022.

This has become an anomaly as well as a slap in the face for other music show “businessmen”. It is difficult to replicate Joyland’s scheme and system, no matter how big the headliner is.

(Gambas:Video CNN)

Less than half a year after their success in Jakarta, Joyland is back on the Island of the Gods – to repeat their great success last year.

Present in the Peninsula Beach area, Nusa Dua, Joyland has again succeeded in providing valuable lessons about the meaning of happiness that comes through art products.

In this event, Joyland was brave enough to provide a much wider area than their previous events. The scorching Nusa Dua area seems to have been deliberately chosen to accommodate the beauty of musical performances coupled with the exoticism of Bali’s south coast.

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