Reading the intention of the Witir Prayer 3 cycles: Arabic, Latin, and its meaning

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The witir prayer is a sunnah prayer that can be performed as a complement to the night prayer, including after performing the tarawih prayer in Ramadan. Usually, this prayer is done in an odd number, such as three cycles.

Like other prayers, don’t forget to read the intention for the witr prayer for 3 cycles before performing the sunnah worship. The goal is to convey the intention of worship to Allah SWT.



In language, witir means odd, as quoted from Nahdlatul Ulama (NU). Therefore, this prayer should be done in an odd number of cycles, such as one cycle, three cycles, five cycles, up to a maximum of 11 cycles.

If the witir prayer is performed in three cycles, then Muslims can do three cycles at once and then close it with greetings. However, if the witir prayer is done for more than three cycles, then it is recommended to do it with greetings every two cycles.

The Witir prayer actually has a loose time, starting from after the Isha prayer until before the Fajr prayer. Therefore, this prayer is considered as the ‘finishing’ after performing a series of night prayers, as was done by Rasulullah SAW.

May God bless them both. He said: The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: Make your prayers an odd number of times at night

Meaning: Do the witr prayer as your last night prayer.

When about to perform the Witr prayer, the Prophet SAW taught that Muslims should read several Sunnah letters, namely Sabbih-isma Rabiika, Al-Kafiruun, and Al-Ikhas or Al-Falaq or An-Nas.

Recitation of Witr Prayer Intention 3 Rakaat

Here is the reading of the intention to pray witr 3 rakat in Arabic, Latin, and its meaning.

I pray the Witr Sunnah with three rak’ahs, facing the qiblah, to perform for God Almighty

Ushalli sunnatal witri tsalatsa raka’atin mustaqbilal qiblati ada’an lillahi ta’ala.

Meaning: I deliberately pray the sunnah prayer of Witr prayer three rak’ahs facing the Qiblah, because of Allah ta’ala.

Procedure for 3 cycles of Witir prayer

Here’s how to pray witir 3 cycles 1 greeting.

Saying the intention of witr prayer 3 rakaat Saying takbir when takbiratul ihram and reading the intention in the heart Reciting the letter Al Fatihah Reciting a short letter from the Quran Bowing Iqtidal The first prostration Sitting between two prostrations Second prostration Standing up for the second rakaat Reciting the letter Al-Fatihah Reciting a short letter Al-Qur’an Iktidal Bow First Prostration Sit between two prostrations Second Prostration Stand up for the third rak’ah Reciting Surah Al Fatihah Reciting a short chapter of Al Quran Iktidal Bows First Prostration Sit between two prostrations Second Prostration Sit in final tashahhud Salam Reciting the prayer after witr prayer

This is the reading of the intention for the witir prayer for 3 cycles and the procedure. Happy worship!


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