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The NIJISANJI Twitter account announced that they were suspending the activities of VTuber Gundo Mirei due to “inappropriate tweets about Baseball”. The major VTuber agency in Japan apologized for “causing great inconvenience to many people, especially all baseball fans.”

However, this is not the first reprimand from their agency, they have previously reprimanded Gundo on various occasions for inappropriate remarks and once posted a tweet without heeding the warning.

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[Report on “Mirei Gundo”]

I would like to express my deepest apologies for making many people feel uncomfortable with the posting of “Mirei Gundo”.

In the future, in order to prevent similar situations from occurring, we will thoroughly instruct our affiliated rivers. Thank you for your continued support.

— Nijisanji Official 🌈🕒 (@nijisanji_app) March 23, 2023

The company is currently researching Gundo Mirei’s publicly available content and promises to ensure that it doesn’t go out of bounds in the future.

On Wednesday, Mirei commented on her ignorance of baseball rules while reacting to the World Baseball Classic. Among other jokes about how he doesn’t know what a “Strike” or “Home Run” is, he tweeted:

“If a strong person is standing there, can the person who pitched the ball throw it at their head or body and make it leave the pitch like that?”

Then, he added a flippant-sounding apology to the thread: “I went too far with my ignorance and made inappropriate remarks, but I want to reiterate that I have no malicious intent, as you can see from the rest of the Twitter thread~! My fault!”

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