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Through an interview with the media after the ONIC Esports match against EVOS Legends last Saturday (25/03), the trainer from ONIC Esports, Adi revealed that the decision to respect the ban on selecting certain heroes or not, will be determined after discussions with the players. He even stated that if possible, he would ban all of the opponent’s featured Heroes if he could ban 10 Heroes at once.

“Usually the coaches have discussed with the players about the respect tire policy. However, ordinary people who only see the results of winning or losing may not realize that the coaches are already having discussions with the players. The respect ban policy only allows banning five heroes, so if banning ten heroes is possible, I will respect ban all opposing heroes. This respect tire policy is part of the team’s strategy to make the players feel more comfortable with the decisions they make,” said ONIC Adi.

Source: Bagas Docs/KotakGame

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Previously, during the M4 World Championship tournament, many netizens blamed Adi for not choosing to ban the use of the main hero OhMyV33nus, which they believed was the cause of the RRQ team’s defeat in the tournament.

Apart from the main news above, KOTAKGAME also has an interesting video that you can watch below.


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