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Coloring the Mid-Range Segment with Strong Performance.

The iQOO smartphone brand (read: aiku) announced that it will bring its newest series for the mid-range segment, the iQOO Z Series, to Indonesia. Carrying the slogan “Redefining Power”, the iQOO Z Series will accompany the daily activities of power optimizers. The iQOO Z Series will officially launch in Indonesia on April 3, 2023.

Aaron Mao, Country Director of iQOO Indonesia, said, “iQOO listens to consumer expectations for a smartphone that can provide maximum power and high speed. So from that, it won’t be long before we bring the iQOO Z Series which will redefine ‘Power’ in mid-range smartphones.”

iQOO sees the extraordinary passion of its consumers from generation Z and Millennials – who are constantly exploring who they are, have a strong desire to get the most out of life, and adopt the latest technology. This enthusiasm is a strong reason for iQOO to present its newest series, the iQOO Z Series.

The iQOO Z Series will inherit the iQOO gene which is synonymous with high performance which will support all consumer-intensive activities. The iQOO Z Series will be the right smartphone for them, power optimizers, who give them the opportunity to enjoy life, explore their aspirations as the younger generation, and encourage the #PowerUp spirit in every aspect of their lives.

“Our first launch in Indonesia with iQOO 11 received a very good reception and tech enthusiasts showed high interest in our next product. With the spirit of ‘I Quest On and On’ iQOO continues to push boundaries and innovate to provide unique experiences and bring unparalleled performance, we decided to greet consumers again with the iQOO Z Series. We hope that the iQOO Z series, which will be launched soon, can become a friendly smartphone for young people who want to stay productive and become the best version of themselves,” concluded Aaron.

Apart from the main news above, KOTAKGAME also has an interesting video that you can watch below.

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