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The Chinese motherboard maker is placing mobile Alder Lake CPUs on a desktop platform.

A company called Erying is now offering up-to 14-core Intel Alder Lake CPUs with its next-gen series of desktop motherboards. It is the successor to the popular Core i7-11800H Tiger Lake platform announced a year and a half ago. It came in many forms, including laptops, Mini-PCs and later desktop motherboard forms. The CPU is pre-installed (soldered) on board and compatible with existing desktop coolers.

Systems like these are attractive in terms of price to performance, but like mobile CPUs, they are limited in terms of upgrade options or PCIe lane support for desktop graphics. However, systems like these still offer similar expansion options, such as USB, SATA, or even M.2 slots.

Sumber: Erying

It’s no surprise that we’re seeing the 12th Gen Core-H series available on such a platform now. Much like the 11th Gen Core series, the design clearly lags behind Intel’s mobile CPU series schedule. The Chinese company used an older architecture which has now been replaced by something more capable, in this case the 13th Gen Core-H SKUs.

Sumber: Erying

The company claims up to 27.7% better single-threaded performance compared to the i7-11800H system that this new platform replaces.

The ‘DIY Gaming Kit’ models are equipped with CPUs such as the Core i7-12450H, i5-12500H, i5-12650H and i7-12700H. This means a range from 8 to 14 cores and a base TDP of 45W with potential going up to 95W. Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX designs are available. In terms of price, we can see a price range of $280 (about 4.2 Million) to $356 (about 5.4 Million) depending on the model.

Sumber: Aliexpress

Apart from the main news above, KOTAKGAME also has an interesting video that you can watch below.

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