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It’s not just ASUS developing a new BIOS for the AMD 600 series chipset. The new firmware for Gigabyte motherboards is said to enable non-binary memory support for AMD’s AM5 platform.

An official AGESA update for the AMD X670 and B650 motherboards enabling non-binary memory support is likely to be released soon. Both ASUS and Gigabyte have tested (and teased) an initial BIOS that allows 24/48GB memory support on AMD platforms. This type of memory is already supported by Intel 600 and 700 series, whose manufacturers have released BIOS updates.

According to a post shared on the Coolaler forum, the AORUS X670E Master can support up to 192GB of memory and runs at a speed of 6000 MT/s. A community member, JHL88 has also published 2 hours of MemTest results showing no errors. This is a clear indicator that memory support is present, but whether it actually works in software other than synthetic benchmarks is something that remains to be verified.

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The first non-binary DDR5 memory kits have hit the market, major brands like CORSAIR or G.SKILL have released the Vengeance and Trident Z5 series which offer kits up to 48GB and DDR5-8000. The unusual 24GB and 48GB capacities are for users looking for more options, or simply want more capacity (48GB module allows for a maximum capacity of 192GB).

It’s been rumored that 24G/48G firmware will be released in April, but neither AMD nor Gigabyte have confirmed that yet.

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Apart from the main news above, KOTAKGAME also has an interesting video that you can watch below.

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