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Minsitthar finally got a revamp from Mobile Legends after many seasons of this hero not being included in the Mobile Legends meta. After getting revamped in the previous patch, this hero can be said to be quite over-powered and is often included in the banned list of players.

Players who use this hero as well as Mobile Legends players have given a lot of positive responses from this hero revamp, players say that Minsitthar is now very useful on the exp lane because his skills are now very easy for exp lanes to use for rotation and team fights.

This positive response can be seen on various fanpages and social media accounts belonging to Mobile Legends and they say that this hero is easier to use than before.

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Indeed, the revamp received by Minsitthar himself was very significant because the revamp he received was very significant, starting from a skill perspective and others. Skill 1 can currently attract five players at once and its range is farther, skill 2 can attack repeatedly and stun, and its ultimate skill has a larger area than before. This is what makes the Minsitthar revamp the prima donna of this patch.

Apart from the main news above, KOTAKGAME also has an interesting video that you can watch below.

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