News : Cyberpunk 2077 RT Overdrive Mode With Real-time Path Tracing Officially Available April 11th | GameBox

The new technology will be enabled next month, CDPR confirmed at the Game Developer Conference 2023 currently being held in San Francisco. This game will be the fourth game to receive real-time path tracing technology after technology demos such as Minecraft, Portal, or Quake.

NVIDIA claims that path tracing will revolutionize gaming by changing the way games are created. Better visuals combined with advanced technology improvements like DLSS3 can be a powerful tool for game developers looking for realistic graphics.

“This not only provides better visuals for players, but also promises to revolutionize the entire game creation pipeline,” said Pawel Kozlowski, senior technology developer engineer at NVIDIA.

Source: NVIDIA

Cyberpunk 2077’s Path Tracing will be enabled in a new mode called Ray Tracing Overdrive. Game developers provided a sneak-preview on GDC with full ray-tracing enabled. Full ray tracing provides more natural colored lighting and corrects subtle shadows.

NVIDIA expects more games to adopt real-time path tracing going forward. Cyberpunk 2077 will be the first major title to truly bring this technology to thousands of players. Unfortunately, only that has an RTX GPU (full requirements yet to be shared).

Source: NVIDIA

Apart from the main news above, KOTAKGAME also has an interesting video that you can watch below.

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