MotoGP: Marquez Agree with Double Long Lap Penalty

The Repsol Honda racer collided with RNF Aprilia rider Miguel Oliveira on the third of 25 laps at the Portimao Circuit.

This incident made both drivers leave the track and ended their journey. Pramac Racing rider, Jorge Martin, managed to avoid but dropped to 16th.

Marquez suffered a fracture in his right hand. According to MotoGP doctor Angel Charter, “Marc’s injury doesn’t appear to be anything major, but we have seen on the x-ray that there is a possible fracture in the first metacarpal of his right hand. We have put him to rest, and now we are depending on the additional tests that will be done at the hospital.

“As for Oliveira, we haven’t seen anything abnormal and we have declared him fit. However, the doctor wants to do some complementary tests in Faro.”

Regarding the accident, the six-time MotoGP world champion admitted that it was not intentional. The front brakes lock on entering Turn 3.

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This reason was considered by the Steward to be a wind, so he was also given a double long lap penalty that applies to the Argentine MotoGP. Marquez also accepted gracefully because he realized he was guilty.

“To be honest, I wasn’t really worried about the Argentina series. Today, the most important thing was that Miguel was OK and for me that was the most important thing because I made a big mistake at Turn 3 in the first half,” he said.

“And this created everything. The first part I was braking, and I had a big lock up on the front tyre. The big lock up created (a situation where) I let go of the brakes.

“My intention was to ride on the left side, but the bike stayed with that slope and I couldn’t avoid going on the right side.

“I could have avoided Martin, but I couldn’t have avoided Miguel. I was very worried for him because the contact was very hard.

“I want to apologize to him, to his team, to the Portugal fans. I was punished for that with a double long lap penalty in Argentina, and I completely agree.

“Apart from that, I have a bit of an injury to my hand and knee. We have to check, but right now my situation is not the most important.”

Marquez added that he “didn’t attack” during the race choosing to use the medium rear tire in the hope of fighting at the end of the race.

A number of racers felt that the punishment for Marquez was relatively light. Aleix Espargaro stressed that his compatriot deserved a race ban for the incident.

When asked for his response, Marquez simply stated that he had been given the penalty mandated in the regulations. The 30-year-old man will also receive a more severe sentence if it is determined that way.

“I mean, at the (safety) briefing on Thursday on the rules, that’s the penalty,” said Marquez.

“So it’s like if you overtake and you create a dangerous situation and you crash the other rider, it’s a double long lap for the first time.

“Then the second one, I think it was the pitlane start, and the third one was the ride-through.

“According to the rules they explained in the briefing, it was a double long lap. But if the rules say it’s tougher, I will accept because it was my fault.”

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