Marquez Penalized Long Lap Double Penalty Due to Collision with Oliveira

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Honda racer Marc Marquez was given a double long lap penalty for causing a collision with Miguel Oliveira at the Portuguese MotoGP.

The penalty from the MotoGP race director will apply to Marquez during the 2023 Argentina MotoGP in April.

“MotoGP rider Marc Marquez was handed a double long lap penalty for the MotoGP race (Sunday) in Argentina for being too aggressive and causing an accident involving racer number 88 (Miguel Oliveira,” read the official MotoGP statement.



Marquez crashed into Oliveira who actually made an impressive start. This happened when Oliveira was devouring the third corner.

This incident occurred because of the aggressive race that was carried out by Marquez. The Baby Alien, who appeared fast, was eager to be able to push forward after being passed by several other racers after the start.

Marquez, who was going fast, lost his balance before entering the third corner. He first nudged Jorge Martin who survived the accident.

However, the motorbike that Marquez was riding on continued to slide and crashed into Oliveira’s motorbike, which was in the middle of a corner. Both racers fell and were unable to continue the race.

This accident resulted in Marquez reportedly suffering a metacarpal fracture in his right hand. He will be rushed to Dexeus Hospital in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

“Medical info: Racer #93 @marcmarquez93’s right hand may have suffered a metacarpal fracture in the first MotoGP series,” said the official MotoGP statement regarding Marquez’s injury.

While Oliveira was lying on the side of the track and had to be helped after the incident with Marquez. However, it is known that the racer from Portugal only suffered bruises on his right leg.

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