Marquez at MotoGP Portugal: Too Aggressive Then Hit Oliveira

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Honda racer Marc Marquez was too aggressive during the Portugal MotoGP race until he finally crashed into Miguel Oliveira.

Marquez immediately slipped to fourth after the start. He tried to make up for the mistake by appearing aggressive on the Algarve International Circuit, Portimao, Sunday (26/3).

The desire to be able to return to the leading position actually bears disaster. Marquez was the cause of the accident that occurred at the start of the race.



The incident occurred when a number of drivers were in the third corner when the race had only been running for three laps. Marquez continued to drive fast on his motorbike so that he crashed into Miguel Oliveira.

Oliveira is currently in second place followed by Jorge Martin and Marquez. The Baby Alien then accelerated and the motorbike hit Martin and ended in a collision with Oliveira.

Martin was still able to dodge a little when he collided with Marquez. This is different from Oliveira who was in a cornering position when he was hit by Marquez.

The collision made Oliveira and Marquez off the track. Both of them could not continue the race because of the carelessness committed by Marquez.

This accident resulted in Marquez reportedly suffering a metacarpal fracture in his right hand. He will be rushed to Dexeus Hospital in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

“Medical info: Racer #93 @marcmarquez93’s right hand may have suffered a metacarpal fracture in the first MotoGP series,” said the official MotoGP statement regarding Marquez’s injury.

While Oliveira was lying on the side of the track and had to be helped after the incident with Marquez. However, it is known that the racer from Portugal only suffered bruises on his right leg.

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