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Jakarta – PT Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia (IAMI) is able to turn bitter experiences in the past into lessons. This is demonstrated by the return of the Brand Holder Agent (APM) for the manufacture and distributor of Isuzu commercial vehicles in Indonesia to mining and providing the best aftersales service for consumers.

IAMI recently entered the mining sector, however, they made several strategic mistakes, so they decided to make overall improvements.

After sales Isuzu

Attractive offers from Astra Isuzu in welcoming Eid this year (Photo: Astra Isuzu)

As a first step to improve its performance and start a new strategy, IAMI collaborates with a company belonging to the Astra Group engaged in mining, namely PT. Pamapersada Nusantara (PAMA).

“Isuzu’s bitter experience, maybe at the time when there was Isuzu Borneo, our biggest mistake at that time was entering the community segment, including coal, without considering service to consumers on the aftersales side. So we entered again (to the mine) after so many years and we entered through the group (Astra), PAMA itself, because we handle and look for the best,” said Moses G. Kosasih, Business Operation Division Head IAMI, in a recent Isuzu Media Workshop This.

Moses added that one of the efforts that his party has made in this collaboration is providing an aftersales service called mechanic on site at mining sites so that they can always check the Isuzu vehicles used.

“The mechanic follows the unit (Isuzu vehicles), so every time, every day they control and work together with the mechanics from the sub contractors. So if there are problems or potential troubles, we can provide predictions for improvements,” added Moses.

“With this person (mechanic on site), we can predict what aftersales needs or what parts will be damaged soon. So that is a very important thing and in the end it can make us trusted by PAMA friends, including the sub contractors now,” he continued.

After sales Isuzu

Booth Isuzu GJAW 2023 (Photo: Santo/Carmudi0

For your information, Isuzu commercial vehicles operating in the mining area include GIGA FVZ N HP 6.1 and Elf NMR 71 HD 6.1 trucks. Both are equipped with Common Rail diesel engines and meet Euro4 emission standards.

Furthermore, thanks to this new strategy, said Moses, other sub-contractors have asked to be supported with the same facilities. However, this cannot be realized immediately.

“Isuzu didn’t take that opportunity because if we are greedy, we will take it and we will repeat the mistake like some times,” he said firmly.

Provide More Important Aftersales Service

Provision of aftersales services is very important in providing extra services to consumers. It’s no wonder that one of Isuzu’s main focuses is providing after-sales service to consumers or customers rather than providing refreshments to their vehicles in a short period of time.

Spare Part Isuzu (Photo: Santo/Carmudi)

“So maybe that’s the strategy we’re running in the commodity mining sector. Where we prepare after sales is far more important than us continuously providing additional features to the product,” said Moses.

According to him, through the aftersales service, it guarantees that the vehicle will remain prime and the vehicle will last longer.

“What makes this product last long is actually aftersales, because as strong as our product is, maybe it’s a non-Japanese product, when there’s a big problem,” he concluded.

Author: Santo Sirait

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