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How to choose the right car tires is arguably not understood by many people.

Tires are one of the most important components of a vehicle.

This round object made of rubber material serves to support the load on the vehicle and its cargo, including passengers.

In addition, tires also function to provide comfort and safety.

You can be sure that without tires, the vehicle cannot brake and will be difficult to control.

how to choose car tires

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Unfortunately, many vehicle owners are still not aware of the importance of tires.

How to Choose Car Tires

Many of them choose tires at random because they are tempted by cheap prices.

In fact, there are several ways that must be considered in choosing tires for cars. We will try to explain this so that Carmudian can understand more.

Select As Needed

The first way to choose car tires is that you have to know first what the needs of each car are.

For example, for sedan car owners, first know what your needs are.

Will this car be used for frequent speeding, or looking for comfort.

how to choose car tires

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Because, special car tires for performance and comfort have very different characters.

The tread on these two types of tires is also very different, so it is very important to look at the needs of each.

Then for SUV users it is also recommended to see the needs. For example, you often pass smooth or muddy asphalt roads.

Because the two road contours require different tires.

Those who often pass smooth paved roads, are advised to use Highway Terrain (HT) type tires.

This type of tire has a tread that makes grip on asphalt better.

Unfortunately, this type of tire is not suitable for rocky and muddy roads.

While Carmudians who want to use an SUV to bulldoze rocky roads, it’s best to use All Terrain (AT) tires, then those who like to play in the mud can use Mud Terrain (MT) tires.

Check the Tire Tread Pattern

The next way to choose car tires is to check the pattern on the tire tread.

For cars that are used daily, try to choose tires with a tread that also fits your needs.

For example, the contour of the road to get to your area presents more slippery roads, so choose tires that have tread or inflated to waste more water.

how to choose car tires

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For slippery roads, avoid choosing tires with large treads or what are called semi-slicks.

Meanwhile Carmudians who like to drive their vehicles can choose tires with less tread.

Check the Year of Manufacture

Furthermore, how to choose car tires is to always pay attention to the year of manufacture of these tires. How do you do that?

Try to choose tires that have recently been produced or are still new. You can see the year of manufacture through the code printed on the tire wall.

Usually the production code for this car tire starts from the week of manufacture and ends with the year of manufacture. For example, tires are made in the 37th week of 2023, the code displayed is 3723.

Make sure you choose tires with a production code that is not much different from the year of manufacture. Come on, remember the production code of this tire.

See Tire Thickness

Before replacing tires with new ones, check the size of the tires currently installed. Try to choose tires with the same thickness so that they are not too big or too small.

how to choose a car tire patch

Seeing the thickness of car tires is one way to choose good car tires. Maybe many Carmudians are still confused, where did you see the thickness of these tires?

You can see the thickness of the tire from the code on the back of the tire tread size. For example, the tires you use use a size of 185/55 ring 15 inches.

If you look at this number, then the thickness of the tire you are using is the 2 numbers on the back, namely 55. The number 55 indicates the thickness in mm, which means the tire is 55 mm thick.

If you are confused about determining the size, you can see the size recommendations on the sticker on the car. Usually the tire size instructions are attached near the driver’s seat along with the recommended air pressure.

Don’t forget to check the brand

How to choose other car tires, namely don’t forget to check brands that already have a fairly good reputation.

To find out about this, you can ask the tire seller or a friend who has often tried various types of tires.

Car Tire Groove Pattern

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In the market there are many brands offered to consumers. Prices vary from the cheapest to the most expensive available.

Also make sure you are not tempted by cheap prices from tires that have not been tested for durability and performance. It is better to use tires from brands that have been widely used by vehicle users.

Tips for Right Time to Change Tires

Before changing the tires, make sure Carmudian sees some of the marks on the tires. Some of these signs are usually often found on tires that are in poor condition and are no longer suitable for use.

Tire Groove Depth

The right time to replace a tire can be seen from the depth of the grooves in the tread of the tire. In these treads there is usually a tread wear indicator (TWI).

Usually many people check the condition of the depth of the tire tread using a coin as a depth marker. If the tread is still thick enough, then tire replacement is not an emergency or urgent.

Meanwhile, when checked using coins, but the tread is deep enough, this is a sign that the tire must be replaced.

Check the Car Tire Wall

Another way is to check the tire wall. Pay close attention to all parts of the wall whether there are cracks or not.

Make sure there are no cracks in the tire wall. If there is a crack, immediately replace the tire with a new one, don’t delay!

Check for Lumps

Apart from seeing whether there are cracks or not, it should also be noted whether there are bumps on the outside and side of the tire. If there is a lump, then the tire must be replaced immediately.

Is it true that car tires can expire

Illustration of car tires (Photo: Unsplash)

This is because tires with bumps usually cannot stand the heat, and can result in tire bursts if left on for too long.

If a lump appears, it’s best to replace it immediately, OK?

How to Choose Inside Car Tires

If the steps above have been carried out, the last thing is to pay close attention to tires with uneven wear, such as wear on the inside of the tire or wear on the outside.

For tires that wear unevenly, don’t look at the tires only from the outside, but also look at the inside.

If threads are visible, then this is a sign that the tire must be replaced immediately.

Some of the things above are ways to choose car tires that can be known by Carmudian. It is hoped that the points above can add to your insight about choosing the right tires.

Author: Rizen Panji
Editor: Dimas

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