French PM to Hold Meeting with Opposition to Discuss Pension Rules

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

French Prime Minister (PM) Elisabeth Borne plans to meet opposition party leaders to discuss changes to pension rules.

The plan, Borne will hold the meeting in early April.



In addition, he will hold talks with unions over the rule change that sparked weeks of demonstrations.

Borne also said he would talk to all parties related to the change in the rules.

“We have to find the right path. We have to be calm,” said Eisabeth Borne as quoted by AFP, Monday (27/3).

Borne also said he would not use a controversial law that allowed him to make reforms without a parliamentary vote.

In recent months, France has continued to experience large-scale demonstrations against reforms to pension rules.

Based on this rule, the French government increased the retirement age from 62 to 64. The retirement age in France is the longest among other European countries.

In addition, the government will also increase the minimum number of years required for citizens to get full pensions.

These changes are proposed to increase state revenues by 17.7 billion euros.

According to the union, there are many other ways if the state really wants to increase state revenues, such as imposing taxes on the super rich.

They also continued to hold demonstrations which often ended in chaos.

France revealed that during the series of demonstrations, a total of 457 citizens were detained and 441 security officers were injured.


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