First in Indonesia, Scuto Xpress Depok Serves AC Repair

Depok — Scuto Group continues to expand its business by presenting Scuto Xpress which now serves maintenance and repair of car air conditioning and body repair.

One of the reasons why Scuto founded Scuto Xpress is that many car owners often have problems with car air conditioning and body repair.

Scuto Group CEO Sugiarto Ongko said this was expected to be a solution to this problem.

Scuto Xpress which stands on Jl. Margonda Raya No. 488, Depok, West Java, this is the first outlet in Indonesia that specifically handles car air conditioners.

scuto xpress depok

“Scuto Xpress Depok is here to provide car air conditioning maintenance services and car body repair. This car body repair consists of Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and body repair,” he said, Wednesday (22/3/2023).

In this place consumers can do light body repairs and heavy work.

Specifically for PDR, car owners only need to come to this place and wait on the spot.

However, if the body damage is severe enough, then the car will be handled at Scuto Paint which is located in Jatijajar, Depok.

“So we’ll see what the damage is like first. If the damage is light, such as having a point indentation or like a dimple, it can be PDR. But if it can’t be done in PDR, we will offer body repairs,” he continued.

scuto xpress depok

The cost of repairing PDR in this place starts from IDR 100,000 per point measuring 0-2.5 cm in length.

However, if the damage is greater, then the costs will follow according to the amount on the car.

All PDR work carried out in this place is also given a warranty for 6 months.

Scuto claims that the results provided are equivalent to the manufacturer’s quality.

Apart from body repairs, Scuto Xpress Depok can also provide maintenance and repair of car air conditioners.

The fees are set can be considered affordable; Rp. 150 thousand – 1.5 million depending on the treatment carried out.

scuto xpress depok

The maintenance services provided range from light to heavy work.

One of the tools used is an endoscope to see the condition of the AC system which is difficult to reach.

Every work on car air conditioning in this place is said to get a 3-month warranty.

The new business unit presented by the Scuto Group is expected to be a solution for AC owners who are having problems.

During the opening period, this place also provides a 50% discount for car air conditioning maintenance prices for up to 1 month ahead from the date of the inauguration, Wednesday (23/3/2023).

“We present a 50% promo for the price of car air conditioning maintenance during the Grand Opening period or 1 month from us inaugurating this place,” continued David Hans Wijaya, owner of Scuto Xpress Depok.

At the same time it was also announced that Scuto Indonesia had won an award from Superbrands 2023 for the Best Car Saloon category.

This achievement is the fourth time the award has been won in a row since 2020.

Grantyana CEO Superbrand Awards was also present to hand over the award certificate.

Price list for Scuto Xpress Depok AC maintenance

AC Care (3 months/10,000 km)

General car – IDR 150 thousand Premium car – IDR 250 thousand

Workmanship: Cabin filter replacement, blower cleaning, condenser cleaning

Light Service (1 year/20,000 km)

General car – IDR 300 thousand Premium car – IDR 500 thousand

Work: AC care, adding compressor oil, dryer replacement service, freon drain

Heavy Service Single (2 tahun/40.000 km)

General car – IDR 800 thousand Premium car – IDR 1.2 million

Workmanship: Light service, expansion valve replacement services, evaporator down cleaning

Heavy Service Double

General car – IDR 1 million Premium car – IDR 1.5 million

Workmanship: Light service, expansion valve replacement services (front-rear), evaporator lowering and cleaning (front-rear).

Author: Rizen Panji
Editor: Dimas

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