Expert Explains the Phenomenon of Jambi Residents Escape from Crocodiles with Wounded Legs

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Reptile experts have an explanation for why women in Jambi can escape crocodiles with cut wounds even though their legs have been bitten.

Previously, Nurung (61), a resident of Muara Sabak, Tanjung Jabung Timur, Jambi, was attacked by a crocodile while taking a bath in the river near his house, Sunday (16/3).

The crocodile suddenly appeared and grabbed his leg. The middle-aged woman did not give up and kicked the crocodile out of its clutches.



Although safe, Nurung suffered a wound on his right leg. The shape is a tear or incision to get 76 stitches, as well as a scratch wound on the left leg.

Why is his leg ‘only’ torn and not naturally broken?

Herpetologist from the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Amir Hamidy revealed, “Crocodiles don’t have teeth to cut. They have teeth to tear flesh.”

Because of that, the way of eating is also unique. According to him, crocodiles don’t eat their prey immediately, including mammals and fish, round like snakes.

The crocodile first drowns its victim for several days and hides it under the roots of the bottom of the river. This is done so that the victim rots so that it is easier for the crocodile to digest.

“Crocodile does not eat its prey fresh. It kills (the victim) and then drowns it. Maybe three or four days it has been a bit rotten before it eats,” said Amir, last January.

The crocodile then moves its prey to a safer territory before being eaten.

“Crocodiles are still in the category of wild animals. Wild animals have an instinct to carry their prey,” said Amir.

“However, our anthropologists say that it is as if crocodiles are like humans who have feelings, who understand how to communicate. Crocodiles are wild animals. They rely on instinct,” he said, explaining the case of a crocodile allegedly delivering the bodies of its prey in East Kalimantan some time ago.

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