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There are many types and shapes of tires for SUVs sold in the market. Various brands are now trying to offer the latest special SUV tire products.

Understandably, in the past few years many Indonesian people have made the choice to buy an SUV.

This type of car is considered to have the toughness to bulldoze the various fields that are in sight.

This can be seen from the growth in SUV sales that occurred in the country.

Almost every car brand in Indonesia now has an SUV line up to offer.

tires for suv

Types of Tires for SUVs

But did Carmudian know that the tires for this SUV are actually specially designed?

One of the reasons is that the tire size is usually larger than other cars.

What types of tires are commonly used for SUVs? What are the differences? Listen first.

Asphalt Tires

Many SUV users still don’t understand the function of tires.

Even though not all SUVs are suitable for using hoe tires or tires for muddy road contours.

One of the tires that can be used for SUVs is asphalt tires or commonly called highway terrain (HT).

This type of tire is generally widely used on urban SUVs, which pass asphalt roads every day.

tires for suv

Chery Omoda 5 rim and tire design. (Photo: Carmudi/Dimas)

This type of tire will certainly add to driving comfort while having pretty good handling.

However, many think that this type of tire is less comfortable to use because it doesn’t look very macho.

In appearance, HT tires are no different from sedan tires in general. It’s just that the size is slightly larger.

All Terrain Tires

Then the next tire that is often used for SUV cars is all-terrain (AT) tires or all-terrain tires.

This type of tire is specifically for those who occasionally pass cobbled roads even though they often pass on asphalt roads.

tires for suv

Illustration of car tires (Photo: Unsplash)

In appearance, AT tires are also different from HT in terms of the tread and side walls.

AT tires have a slightly rougher and slightly stretchable tread and have stiffer sidewalls.

This aims to increase comfort when driving on rocky roads that are not too severe.

In general, the material for this type of AT tire is also made a little harder than HT tires.

Mud or Off-road tires

For those who like adventure or off-road activities, the tires that are suitable for SUV cars are mud terrain (MT).

It should be noted, this type of tire has a very different tread compared to other tires.

The tread on MT tires is made larger and rougher to provide traction on dirt and muddy roads.

The goal is that the car can remain easy to control.

Unfortunately, this type of tire is not suitable for daily use because it makes quite a loud noise when the car is driving on an asphalt road.

The rubber compound or material used in MT tires also varies, some use soft compounds and some use hard compounds.

It all depends on the need to drive over the terrain to be passed.

Performance Tires

Another type of tire and one that many people don’t know about is performance tires for SUVs. This special performance tire is designed to meet the needs of SUVs equipped with beast engines.

Some of them are Porsche Cayenne, Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes-Benz G63, Jaguar F-Pace, BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GLS, Range Rover, and many more.

The Fastest SUV in the World – Lamborghini Urus

In general, cars with high-performance engines like this are not suitable for mud tires.

To be able to bring out the best performance, tires that have qualified performance are also needed.

In general, performance tires for SUVs like this are equipped with soft compound materials.

The goal is that these tires provide excellent acceleration, braking and handling on asphalt.

This type of tire certainly has excellent traction on asphalt.

It’s no wonder these high-performance tires wear out faster when used frequently.

Tips for Choosing Tires for SUVs

Before deciding to buy or replace, first adjust it to the road conditions that you pass every day.

Selection of the wrong tires with road conditions will actually cause driving discomfort.

Not only that, the performance of the vehicle will also not be optimal because of this.

If you spend more time on asphalt roads every day, you should choose tires that are suitable for use on asphalt.

Avoid choosing tires for mud use, because it will cause quite loud noise from the outside.

For your information, tires that are used for muddy roads if used on asphalt roads will wear out faster.

Reporting from the Bridgestone page, choose a ply rating or wire layer that is on each tire.

This ply rating will determine the ability and compatibility of the tires that will be used on your favorite car.

This ply rating will also determine the tire’s ability to withstand the weight of the vehicle and its luggage.

Unfortunately, many don’t realize the importance of this ply rating, so the choice of tires is based on preference for the groove and model only.

Information regarding the load limit that can be accommodated by tires (load index) can also be seen on each tire.

The load index itself is a numeric code that will indicate the maximum loading capacity at a certain speed, according to the tire specifications of each manufacturer.

Wind pressure

It should also be noted that the air pressure for SUV tires is different from other cars.

If the recommended sedan car tires are at 34 psi, then tires for SUVs can be filled with less pressure at 31 or 32 psi for asphalt roads.

tire pressure

It is necessary to regularly check tire pressure. (Photo: moladin)

The goal is that the tires are not too hard when bulldozing the damaged road.

However, there are also some who believe that tires for SUVs should be filled with air pressure above 35 psi.

Actually, it’s fine to do this, but don’t forget the factor of comfort and safety when driving.

Another case when you are faced with a muddy road.

We recommend that you lower the wind pressure in the range of 15-20 psi so that the car can get better traction when facing mud or soil.


It is hoped that the above notes will help Carmudian choose the tires to be used on the SUV.

As a reminder, not all tires are suitable for SUVs, but the main point is to pay attention to usage requirements.

Not everyone goes through broken roads every day.

Therefore, it is very important to use tires that are suitable for the route that you pass by car every day.

Author: Rizen Panji
Editor: Dimas

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