Brigadier RF Adjutant to Gorontalo Police Chief Dies with Gunshot Wounds in the Chest

Semarang, CNN Indonesia —

Brigadier RF (28), aide to the Gorontalo regional police chief, was found dead with a gunshot wound to the chest in his official car which was parked on the side of Jalan GORR, Ombulo Village, West Limboto District, Gorontalo Regency.

“RF was found dead in an official car. It is suspected that the victim committed suicide,” said the Head of Public Relations of the Gorontalo Police, Kombes Pol Wahyu Tri Nugroho in a written statement, Saturday (25/3).

The car was found by residents who then reported it to the local police. Officers went to the location and found the official car locked.



“When the members arrived at the location, the car engine was still running and the door was locked, so the members broke it and found the victim had died,” he said.

When RF was found, he had a gunshot wound to the left side of his chest, suspected to have been caused by the victim’s firearm.

“Meanwhile, it is suspected that the victim committed suicide by firing a weapon using his right hand. Because gunpowder soot was found in the victim’s right hand,” he explained.

However, the police are still investigating the case and the victim’s body has been taken to the Aloe Saboe Hospital for an autopsy.

Further confirmation by detikSulsel, Wahyu said the gunshot wound of First Brigadier RF was in the chest. “The police officer died from a gunshot wound to the chest,” he stated, Saturday (25/3) night.

The family is shocked

The death of First Brigadier RF has made the family in Semarang grieve and even go into shock.

From’s monitoring at the funeral home, where the parents of First Brigadier RF live in Ngadirgo Village, Mijen Sub-District, Semarang, the wither or death tents have been set up since last Saturday. Meanwhile, a number of wreaths continued to arrive along with residents who came to mourn.

Husband and wife, Muslih and Siti Muniroh who are the parents of First Brigadier RF, were seen mostly at home because their condition was very hard and in shock.

“That morning I got the news, kept calling ladies and gentlemen’s houses, it turned out to be true. You are still in shock, so many are at home,” said Shoqib, one of the RF Brigadier Brothers.

Shoqib said that his younger brother did have a closed personality, and never said when there was a problem. The last time, Shoqib mentioned that First Brigadier RF had returned to his parents’ house in Semarang a month ago but had not had the chance to meet him.

“The person was closed off, yes he was closed off, he never told me about anything, so my family and I were immediately shocked, really shocked, even though the family didn’t have any problems, how come it got like this” , added Shoqib.

The same thing was also expressed by several neighbors who did not expect the death of the victim due to suspected suicide.

“Yes, the behavior is good here, good, there are also no problems, how come I don’t know why it happened like this, cheerful, please just pray that it is khusnul khatimah, yes, still waiting, in the cemetery here, a public cemetery” said Nyarmin, one citizen.


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