BMW M2 Will Be Used as the New MotoGP 2023 Safety Car

The Portimao Circuit will host the race from March 24-26. Trek will welcome the BMW M2 Safety Car that was officially released last October, with modifications to meet the requirements of one of the world’s most demanding championships.

With compact dimensions and a TwinPower Turbo inline six-cylinder engine capable of producing 460 HP. It is the perfect vehicle for pilot safety.

Various safety elements were added to the German car for use on the MotoGP circuit, such as anti-roll bars, RECARO seats, six-point seat belts and fire extinguishers, as well as various parts from M-Performance, BMW’s sports line. Like the exhaust system or carbon cover on the mirrors, diffuser and rear spoiler.

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The M2 will wear the German company’s standard décor, though not the only one to join the MotoGP fleet, as another official medical car from the M range, and a BMW M1000 RR safety bike are also added.

The Munich manufacturer’s CEO, Franciscus van Meel, said, “The 2023 season is our 25th season supplying the MotoGP Safety Car, a long and close collaboration like this is something special in the world of international racing. We would like to thank Dorna Sports for their the immense trust they have placed in us for a quarter of a century.

“Since 1999, we have strived to incorporate our values ​​such as innovation, technology, emotion and passion into our partnership with Dorna Sports.

“Our new BMW M2 MotoGP safety car is a clear example of this, with this car we continue our tradition of putting the latest high-performance BMW M vehicles at the service of MotoGP safety, be it safety car fleets, the BMW M Award or our various activities. others at the highest level in the world of motor racing. We are proud that Fascination M has become such an important part of MotoGP.”

Meanwhile, the head of Dorna Sports, Carmelo Ezpeleta, added, “We are very pleased to be joining BMW M to celebrate the season celebrating the 25th anniversary of our association in 2023. At BMW M, we have had a great partner by our side for a quarter century, with which we have enjoyed excellent collaborations in various fields.

“We are very proud of this long-term collaboration that has never stopped and every year gives a new impetus. With the most innovative technologies, BMW M has been tackling safety in our sport for 25 years, and is a fixture in the MotoGP paddock with a wide range of activities. Here it is for the re-season fantastic year in 2023.”

MotoGP 2023 Safety Car Technical Data

Car name BMW M2 TwinPower Turbo engine six cylinder Power 460 HP Maximum torque 550 Nm Maximum speed 250 km/h Time from 0-100 km/h 4.3 seconds Consumption (liters/100 km) Between 10 and 10.2 Weight 1775 kg Length 4580 cm Width 1887 cm Height 1403 cm

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