After being broken by Dimas Drajad, Curacao will face Lionel Messi

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Curacao will get a golden opportunity to try out the 2022 World Cup champion Argentina, strengthened by Lionel Messi.

Curacao is one of the opponents faced by Argentina in this FIFA Matchday. After winning 2-0 over Panama, Argentina will meet Curacao at the Estadio Unico Madre de Ciudades, Tuesday (28/3).

The name Curacao is no longer foreign to Indonesian football fans. The reason is that Curacao had become the opponent of the Indonesian National Team on the FIFA Matchday last September.



At that time in the two matches that were held, Indonesia always managed to win. Indonesia won 3-2 in the first match and then won 2-1 in the second duel.

In these duels, Dimas Drajad always scores goals. In the first duel, Dimas Drajad scored a backheel goal using Pratama Arhan’s pass. The goal was the decisive victory for Indonesia.

Meanwhile, in the second duel, Dimas Drajad scored the first goal that opened Indonesia’s victory.

Now Curacao will prepare to face Argentina. That means Curacao’s back line must be prepared to face the greatness of Lionel Messi and friends.

Messi is also in high motivation and ambition. Because Messi has scored 99 goals and needs one more goal to complete his goal record for the Albiceleste to 100 goals.

Apart from that, the match against Curacao was also a ‘welcome’ match for Argentina, who played in front of his supporters as the 2022 World Cup champion. Therefore, Lionel Scaloni’s squad certainly wants to give their best in the match later.

Curacao itself had previously dueled against Canada in the CONCACAF Nations League. Curacao lost 0-2 to Canada through goals from Jonathan David and Cyle Larin.

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