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Carmudians who are going home for Eid this year with private vehicles should know tips on making fuel consumption economical while driving.

It is known, the Government of Indonesia has abolished the PPKM policy (Implementation of Restrictions on Community Activities).


Eid holiday illustration. (Photo: Illustration)

Thus, today’s people can travel more easily, including Eid homecoming.

Spending each Eid is usually fairly large. There is no exception to spending on buying fuel for those who use private vehicles for going home.

The price of some fuel goes up every month, so Carmudian must be able to manage his finances properly so that expenses don’t swell.

Tips for Saving Fuel Consumption When Going Homecoming

For Carmudians who are going home using a private car, there are a number of tips you can do to save fuel consumption.

These tips are certainly very useful for Carmudians who want to save expenses during Eid.

These tips are also very helpful for Carmudians who have a mediocre budget.

The following are some of the tips that Carmudi has summarized from various sources.

Don’t get used to sudden car brakes

The first tip that needs to be known and done is to avoid braking the car suddenly.

There are still many car users who often brake suddenly, especially those who often drive at high speed.

In fact, this can make car fuel consumption wasteful.

The speed of the car is drastically reduced when the driver brakes suddenly.

To return to speed, the car requires a large engine power.

If this continues to be repeated and becomes a habit, don’t be surprised that car fuel will often be wasteful.

Therefore, car users should not get used to braking suddenly every time they drive.

Later, Carmudian will not have to spend a lot of money when going home for Eid because the car’s fuel is wasteful due to frequent sudden brakes.

In addition, suddenly braking a car can endanger the safety of the Carmudian and other vehicle users.

For this reason, all car users should avoid the habit of braking.

When you want to brake the car, you can release the gas pedal, then step on the brake pedal slowly.

Don’t Drive the Car Aggressively

In addition to sudden brakes, driving the car aggressively can also make the car’s fuel consumption not economical, aka wasteful.

driving a car

Illustration of driving a car. (Photo: Autocar)

Please note, the driver’s driving style is one of the factors that can affect the fuel consumption of vehicles, including cars.

Road conditions during Eid homecoming are usually very busy so motorbike or car users may not be able to drive aggressively.

Even though the road conditions are empty or quiet, it is still not recommended to drive a car aggressively if you want to keep your car’s fuel consumption economical.

This also needs to be done to prevent unwanted things such as collisions with other road users.

It is recommended for Carmudians who want to drive at high speed, increase the speed of the car slowly until it becomes constant.

Avoid spontaneously accelerating the car when driving normally or going home for Eid.

This can prevent car fuel from being wasted.

Wasteful fuel consumption due to sudden acceleration can occur in all types of cars, both manual and automatic.

Keeping Distance

The third tip is to keep your distance from the vehicle in front.

This one tip is closely related to the previous tips on saving fuel consumption, don’t brake the car suddenly.

Apart from preventing serious accidents, keeping your distance can prevent the Carmudian from suddenly braking the car because it is too close to the vehicle in front when driving.

Thus, Carmudian car fuel consumption can remain economical.

Carmudian certainly needs to apply these tips when going home for Eid so that they stay safe while driving to their hometown.

If the speed of the vehicle in front slows down, make it a habit not to immediately step on the brake pedal.

Carmudian can only step on the pedal if the car is already too close to the vehicle in front.

In addition, it is also recommended to get used to keeping the car’s speed stable so that fuel consumption can be economical.

It’s lucky if Carmudian has the Cruise Control feature in his car.

The function of this feature is to lock the car’s speed without having to constantly step on the gas pedal.

Apart from the Cruise Control feature, Carmudian can also take advantage of other features that have been embedded in several of the latest cars in the form of eco-driving.

With these features, the engine work on the car can be more efficient.

If the green icon on the instrument panel lights up, then this feature is active.

Many car users consider that turning off the air conditioner and opening the car windows while driving can save fuel consumption.

This is true as long as it is done at low speed.

On the other hand, if Carmudian drives a car at high speed, closing the windows will not save fuel consumption.

This is because the wind that enters the car can inhibit the speed of the car.

The car’s speed also felt slow, so Carmudian had to press the gas pedal deeper.

When driving a car at high speed, it is better if the windshield is closed.

In addition, car users are advised not to carry too many items.

This of course also applies to car users going home for Eid.

Much like the case of window panes that can hinder a car’s pace, carrying too many things in a car can make the weight heavier and the embedded engine has to work extra.

For this reason, Carmudian should only bring what is needed and of course according to the capacity recommended by the car manufacturer.

Even though you have to bring a lot of stuff for Eid in your hometown, limit the amount of stuff as much as possible to get economical fuel consumption.

Perform Periodic Servicing

Every car user is required to carry out regular servicing so that the engine condition can remain optimal and work properly, including when going home for Eid.

Benefits of Service at Authorized Workshop

Periodic service. (Photo: Suzuki)

In addition, periodic servicing can also improve fuel consumption efficiency.

In general, when servicing a car, a technician will check the components of the car to ensure that these components can work properly when they are used again.

porsche service fee

Car service illustration. (Photo: Illustration)

Carmudian must ensure that car servicing is carried out according to the proper timeframe, which is generally every six months.

It is recommended to carry out periodic servicing at official and trusted car repair shops.

Pay Attention to Tire Pressure

Carmudians who want to save on fuel consumption when going home for Eid must pay attention to the air pressure in the car tires.

Price for Car Tires Ring 15

Pay attention to tire air pressure to save fuel. (Photo: Tire Shop Penang)

Uncertain tire pressure makes the car need extra engine power to go.

Before going home, you should check the air pressure of the car tires and make sure it is according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Do not overfill the tires so that the car remains comfortable to drive even on long distance trips.

Turn off the car engine during a long stop

An engine that runs for a long time can make the car fuel wasteful.

If a Carmudian car stops for a long time due to traffic jams during Eid homecoming, turn off the car’s engine as much as possible so that fuel consumption is economical.


Carmudian should do some tips so that car fuel consumption remains economical.

Some of these tips are avoiding sudden braking, not driving the car aggressively, and keeping your distance from the vehicle in front.

By implementing these tips, car fuel consumption can be saved and expenses needed to buy fuel can be reduced.

In addition, by driving safely and economically, Carmudian can also arrive at his hometown safely and comfortably.

Hope it is useful!

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