5 Book Recommendations for the First Half of Ramadan 2023

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Ramadan 2023 could be a momentum to increase or return to being interested in opening books. There are a number of suitable books to read throughout the next month.

In the recommended reading for the first half of Ramadan 2023, there are five books that should be on your reading list, ranging from action novels from Tere Liye, books about sincerity, to self-motivation.



Here are 5 reading recommendations for Ramadan 2023, the first half:

1. Tanah Para Bandit – Tere Liye

The Land of the Bandits, which was released in February 2023, is a continuation of the novel Bedebah at the Edge of the Horn (2021).

This action novel Land of the Bandits is still a continuation of Negeri Para Bedebah, Negeri Di Unjung Tanduk, Pulang, Pergi, Pulang-Pergi.

This book is available in physical form at Tere Liye’s bookstores and bookstores, as well as in digital form on Google Play Books.


2. Most Serious Sincerity – Fajar Sulaiman

Fajar Sulaiman invites readers to heal wounds caused by failures in the journey of love, through poems that explore the meaning and essence of a thing called sincerity.

In this book, Fajar uses interesting dictions complete with supporting pictures that aim to accompany his readers to achieve inner healing and to be able to let go to reach a new chapter in life.

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3. One by One – Ruth Ware

One by One is a thriller novel by Ruth Ware which tells of the tragedy that befell a core team of popular music application development.

The team is currently holding a retreat in the Alps. There, the situation changes from pleasant to tense, especially when the company’s secrets begin to be uncovered.

4. Minimarket Girl (Convenience Store Woman) – Murata Sayaka

Convenience Store Woman is a novel by Murata Sayaka. This novel tells the story of a minimarket employee named Keiko who is a hard worker.

As a minimarket worker, Keiko realizes that her life only revolves in a cycle that never ends, namely her work and feels that her life has no meaning.

In this novel, Sayaka seems to be satirizing how the familiar culture of workaholic life in Japan often makes someone forget their purpose in life.

5. Atomic Habits – James Clear

Habit expert, James Clear, will discuss the extraordinary impact of small changes that every individual can make and produce big things.

In this book, James Clear mentions that small changes or atomic habits are often taken for granted, even though they provide very promising results. Like words, this book dissects the philosophy of big change starting from small things.


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